Code of Conduct

Respect staff and other customers

For example: Do not photograph or record other patrons without their permission, parents / carers to supervise young children, use headphones on low volume - ensure no disturbance to others, set mobiles to silent or vibrate, leave the library at closing time and during an emergency, understand that there will sometimes be queues as staff provide assistance to many customers.

Understand the library is a shared public place

For example: Advise of equipment or materials that are not working, dispose of rubbish in the bins provided, advise of spills/ soils, maintain personal hygiene, keep feet off library furniture, be responsible for own property and personal belongings.

No animals to enter the premises without permission of the person in charge of the facility.

Adhere to library policies & guidelines

For example: Return items by the due date, follow staff direction, read information signage, and abide by library policy and procedures of use. Use Library processes designed to assist e.g. self-reservations, computer bookings, customer feedback and complaints process. 

Behave appropriately for the library environment

For example: Read to self or children, study, research material, use computers, share quiet conversations, ask for assistance.

Enjoy the collection and other services

For example: Enjoy the variety of collection types and formats, acknowledge individual tastes that may differ from your own and understand the collection needs to appeal to all preferences, trial new formats e.g. if you primarily borrow books, why not try borrowing a DVD or music CD. Come and visit children’s story time sessions, live music on a Sunday, use the games, or attend a school holiday program.

You will be invited back for any of the following:

  • Smiling or sharing a laugh with the staff
  • Listening to the help that is freely given
  • Showing care for other customers, e.g. helping them reach or find an item
  • Advising of equipment that is not operating as expected
  • Advising of any problems/ issues with customers or materials
  • Adhering to the Customer Code of Conduct

You will be asked to leave for any of the following:

  • Smoking
  • Consuming alcohol or drugs or presenting in a manner to suggest prior use before entering the library
  • Using offensive, threatening, harassing or abusive language or gestures to customers or staff
  • Damaging, defacing or misusing library materials, equipment or facilities
  • Persistent disturbance to other customers use of the library