Reading Tips

Tips for reading to babies and toddlers

  • Read aloud to your baby every day
  • Babies like books that are bright and colourful
  • Explore books that are about familiar subjects
  • Choose books that both you and your baby love
  • Use lots of expression and have lots of fun
  • If your child is tired, it's okay to stop

For more opportunities to introduce your child to the pleasure of rhymes, songs and stories visit Parent-Child Mother Goose Australia.

Tips for reading to young children 

  • Read aloud everywhere you go.
  • Be prepared to read their favourite stories over and over again
  • If they are mad about dinosaurs, read books about dinosaurs
  • Encourage your child to join in by pointing out pictures, lifting the flaps and touching the shapes
  • Move your fingers under the words as you read.  This will teach your child that you read from top to bottom and left to right

Five great reasons to come to storytime

  • Introduce new songs, finger plays and nursery rhymes that can be enjoyed at home
  • Develop listening, imagination and language skills
  • Make new friends and learn to participate in fun activities
  • Provide an introduction to a great range of books
  • Encourage life long learning of books and libraries