Are you an author wanting to present on a topic that you write about?  Do you have a new music CD you want to promote?  Are you an
artist who would like to demonstrate your style?

Frankston City Libraries is keen to support local talent and provide the venue at one of our three library branches where you can present your stories.

What is this about?

  • Author signing event – an event whereby an individual author/artist promotes their work with the aim of commercial gain.
  • Works may include published books: fiction and non-fiction (all formats); original music published to CDs; artworks: original paintings, sketches, photographs etc.

Criteria for selection

  • An authors’ or artists’ work is to have an overall aesthetic, literary, entertainment, and/or social value.
  • Authors must be of local or of national/ international note.
  • Items of a distinct political nature will be examined by Library Management to determine the authority of the author and the broad appeal of the material.
  • In every case, balance will be sought as to representation of various views and opinions.
  • Frankston City Libraries reserves the right to refuse any request made if deemed unsuitable. Appeals will not be considered.
  • A copy or representation of the work being promoted must accompany the application.

Promotion and Event

  • All marketing and promotion of the event is the responsibility of the author/artist.
  • A copy of any advertising must be provided to the Coordinator Library Engagement prior to publishing.
  • Approved marketing materials will be displayed within the library upon successful event application.
  • Timing of the event will depend on Frankston City Libraries events planning and service operations.
  • Any catering requirements remain the full responsibility of the author/artist; however details must be provided with the application. Note: the library does not hold a licence to serve alcohol.
  • Library Rooms are subject to availability and hire charges. Other general library spaces are dependent on availability and capacity, and are subject to provision by Library Management.
  • The space allocated for this event will be set up and packed up by library (or Council) staff, however if the expected audience capacity exceeds 40 people, this will be subject to an agreed fee.
  • Any multimedia or other technology requirements will be discussed with the applicant, and provided for where possible.


All applications for an event must be forwarded to:

The Coordinator Library Engagement, Frankston City Libraries, 60 Playne Street, Frankston, VIC 3199
or email:
or phone: 03 9784 1020