Access Craftsy via your Libby app

Published on 27 September 2021


Making people's lives better through creativity

Craftsy is an online resource for all creative makers, where you can find everything you need – from basic instruction to advanced techniques. Craftsy offers tailored project kits, step-by-step expert instructions and timely lessons to make things you're proud of over and over again.

Access Craftsy for free using your Libby app. Libby is now offering a 7-day pass to Craftsy as part of it's borrowing collection. Simple "Get" a pass and enjoy all Craftsy has to offer. Once your pass expires, simply return to your Libby app and "Get" another pass!

Steps to accessing Craftsy;

  1. Download and log into the Libby app by Overdrive.
  2. Scroll down the Homepage to find Extras
  3. Select Get.
  4. Select Open.
  5. Select Get a 7-day pass.
  6. Select Continue to Craftsy.

A 7-day pass gives you full access to content from Craftsy. When your pass expires, you can return to Libby to get another.


Craftsy - How to access via Libby

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