Fake book review

If you're a fan of the documentary film, Catfish, or love getting into the heads of infamous fraudsters like The Wolf of Wall Street, then Stephanie Wood's Fake should be at the top of your reading pile.
Fake lets you ride shotgun as Wood details her relationship with 'Joe', a man who lies as much to himself as to other people. After building hopes on a complex series of three-part acts, Wood finally sees Joe for what he is. But this is not a story of a messy break-up. It's an unselfconscious exploration of why people lie and why their lovers believe them.

I really applaud Wood for her openness and willingness to share her experience. If you see even a little of yourself in Wood's hopeful optimism, then the many stories she shares from people across the globe will help you understand that you are by no means alone.

Fake is available to borrow via our online catalogue.