Access Kanopy

Kanopy is an on-demand streaming video platform from your library that offers access to a large catalogue of educational, entertaining, and enriching films, documentaries and tv series. Stream ten films per month.

How to video

Kanopy – Streaming Cinematic Masterpieces

How many can I watch?

We provide you with 10 play credits per month. Each play credit gives you three days to watch one movie.

What do I need to access it?

Web or full library membership, a Kanopy Account, and internet access.

Apps - Kanopy

Download the app to use Kanopy on your mobile device.



Getting Started

1. You will need to sign up using an internet browser, frankston.kanopy.com to get started.

2. Press ADD LIBRARY CARD then enter your membership card number and PIN.

3. In the Create Your Account page, enter in your details and press SIGN UP.

4. Kanopy will send you a confirmation email, press Verify Email.