Freegal Music

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Freegal is a free music service from your library.  All you need is your membership card number and PIN.  Access 9 million songs and over 15,000 music videos from more than 100 countries.  Download three songs per week and stream three hours of music per day.

How to video

Freegal Music – Download and Stream Popular Music


How many can I have?

Download 3 songs per week.

Stream music for 2 hours per day.

What do I need to access it?

Web or full library membership, and your membership card number and PIN.

An email account.

The Freegal app if using an Apple or Android phone or tablet.

Apps - Freegal

Download the app to access Freegal on your mobile device.



Getting started - Using the Freegal App

  1. Download, install and open the Freegal app.
  2. Select Frankston City Libraries.
  3. Enter membership card number and PIN.
  4. Begin streaming or downloading.