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Keep up to date with what is being added to the collection by setting up alerts.

Create your own up-to-date news alerts that offer you personalised and dynamic Alert Profiles:

Set-up a Read Alert profile


Here's how...

1.    Log in to your online library membership account here.

2.    Enter your library card number (ID) and PIN, then click on Login

To create a new Read Alert search:

3.    Click on New Alert Profile

4.    Select the type of items you are interested in.

5.   Click on "Search" to test your criteria. 

6.   To return to your profile, use the icon.

7.   Set an alert frequency.

  • To select how often your alert profile will scan through the catalogue, choose an option from the drop-down menu that best suits you. If there is a match you will be sent an email.

8.   Enter an expiry date (optional)

9. Description

  • Give your profile a title. E.g. New Fiction or Latest Music.

10. Save your profile

  •  Click on Save.

11.  The last step

  • Once you are satisfied with your preferences, click "Save" again. The screen will display "The profile and profile set has been updated."
  • Click on "My Details" to the left or the "Summary" at the top to return to your membership summary or click on "Logout" to exit.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact one of your friendly Library staff.

Don't have an email address?

You can review your profile matches manually by logging in and clicking on Alert Profiles. Select the profile you want to review and choose "Display new entries" in the "Extra Options" drop-down menu.

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