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Thank you for your feedback. Find out our responses to your queries.

June 2018

92% Customer Satisfaction Rating


Praise for what we do

“Love Kate!! Both of them!!”    

“Anne is Awesome.  She looks after me at the station with suggestions, chats and kindness.  The service has made a great difference to me.”         

“Thank you to Debbie for contacting me about my lost belongings. I am so grateful.”      

“Great customer service from the blonde lady with the computers.”      

“Great staff.”    

“I love it. It’s an amazing place to relax and read. And it’s a good place to study.”


Customer Service

“There was once more communication with the Council plans for changes, such as the station and parking plans were posted in the library.”   

Frankston City Council has gone paperless.  If you would like to access the Council plans and other related documents, please ask staff for assistance in locating them on the Frankston City Council website.

“Bring back recycling to library.”               

We encourage recycling and are sorry that we cannot provide the hub at Frankston Library anymore. Unfortunately it was not being used appropriately by some people and this caused health and safety issues for library and council staff.

“When my loan reserve comes in I have driven past to get a park spot and there is no parking.  I have a disabled blue pass and not even these are free to enter.  I can’t afford to pay for parking.  This is weekdays at around 10.15am.  What point is a library if you can’t get to it in Frankston?”         

When visiting the library, you can get a parking voucher from library staff, which entitles you to 2 hours free parking in the Arts Centre’s car park.

“Please make the library more user friendly by putting in quieter hand dryers or even paper towels.”

Thank you for your comment. We will pass it on to our Facilities Department at Council.

“When Neil returned his CDs he was told he owed one and had to pay $1.80 and was rejected the CDs to take home. This mistake was made at Library. Staff apologised and allowed Neil to take the CD’s home.”

We are sorry to hear about your recent experience at the library. Around 1200 items are returned to Frankston Library each day and unfortunately, sometimes some are missed by mistake.


Computers and Equipment

“There needs to be a sign on the computer screen Any concerns you must see library staff at service desk.”

Thank you for your suggestion, the PC Conditions of use have been put on display at each PC.

“Can we please get a public catalogue to search for books?  Staff are busy and computers in use so no way to search at Seaford Library.”

Thank you for your suggestion, we will investigate the addition of a public catalogue.

“Could you make the space available to enter membership number and password bigger on the catalogue.  Would assist those of us whose vision is not so good.”

Thank you for your suggestion, the next review of the public catalogue is late August, I will ask for this to happen with the other updates.

“Please have it so you can scan directly to your email address.” 

Unfortunately, this is not a function we can make available on the current photocopiers.

“Could you put Ancestry on the desktop so we can go straight to it?”

Thank you for this suggestion.  We will add the link with the next review of the desktop.

“Neon lights on machines are too glary for someone with low vision.”

Please ask the staff at the desk to turn the lights off if they are too glary or book the ability PC that has a high vision keyboard and mouse.

“Could you please allow two devices per card at least to be able to log onto the Wi-Fi?  Thank you.”

The library limits the Wi-Fi login to one device in order to provide a fair and equitable delivery of the service.  The system can slow if too greater demand is put of the network.



“Please bring back Dewey system.  More specific numbering needed!”

We still use the Dewey system for all our non-fiction collections. 

“Please please more titles available on BorrowBox.”

We purchase new titles for Borrow Box every month and have recently added 379 eBooks and 459 eAudio books to our collection as well 366 new titles to Axis360.

“Not enough action movies at Carrum Downs.”

We purchase action movies on a regular basis and will send more to Carrum Downs.  Please speak to a librarian to suggest a title to add to the collection.



“Heidi Luckhurst – amazing singer.  Please repeat.”


Dr Debra Campbell   

“Author talk on Lovelands by Debra Campbell gave a well presented talk with lots of positive strategies and examples.”               

“Thank you to FC Library.  I really enjoyed tonight’s topic by Dr Debra Campbell.  Very thought provoking and interesting.”               

“Great talk by the author of Lovelands Dr Debra Campbell.  Please have her again.”        

“Very impressive session.  Raised lots of questions so I’m keen to read the book.”          


Poetry Workshop

“Thoroughly enjoyable education on poetry and accessible to all ages.”

“It was fun.”      

“Do I like it? Yes! Definitely! Absolutely!”             

“Fantastic! A lot of fun!! Poetry Workshop.”      

“It was amazing and learned a lot. #PoetryWorkshop”   

“Absolutely amazing! Andrea your love for poetry inspired me after this hard day. Thank you for a chance to express myself.”              

“Poetry workshop. Excellent as per normal.”     

“Poetry session. This was great.”             


Travel Writing Workshop

“Very interesting, inspiring, good tips, very motivating.”               

“Very engaging speaker with valuable advice for writers and travelers.”

“Great to hear about Tim’s experiences, but didn’t realize talk was aimed at aspiring writers.”

“Very informative, easy going, comfortable, great group. Tim Richards – great ideas.”    

“Very engaging presenter - Tim Richards. So many stories and tips.”       

“Enjoyed presentation. A bit early to get there from work.”       

“Travel writing talk was excellent and very interesting.”

“Really enjoyed Tim Richards talk tonight. Informative and interesting. Would have liked more question time.”

“Very interesting. Tim seems someone that enjoys his work.”   

“This was a completely new presentation. Lots of great travel ideas and images of published pieces that Tim had created.”

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