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Thank you for your feedback. Find out our responses to your queries.

August 2018

77% Customer Satisfaction Rating


Praise for what we do

“What a beautiful sound to hear children sing, laugh and talk.” 

“I love Frankston Library. I love the kids’ books and I used to love the Xbox.”       

“Thank you to Martina for being great with my last minute room booking on Friday and everything this morning.  I will definitely consider hiring the room in the future if we need it and recommend it to others if they need one, particularly given the great service.”              


Arts Centre Car Park

“Car park full. Had to search surroundings for 15 minutes to find a spot. Last two times only 5-6 spots available. Council policy appears anti-library.”

“There are no allocated library parking spaces since the boom gates were put in. Today with an event at Arts Centre it was almost impossible for library patrons to park.”  

“As the parking is so difficult now I won’t be visiting so often.”  

“I am not coming to Frankston Library anymore as it is too difficult to find parking since the changes."

The Arts Centre car park is a shared public facility primarily used by Arts Centre and Library patrons. It has always filled up quickly when there were events held in the Theatre. The new car park system aims to provide spaces for all patrons fairly and equally.

The old car park system only had a limited number of spaces available for library customers for 2 hours while they were using the library.

Under the new system there is no limit on spaces for library customers and the vouchers available from library staff ensure that library customers continue to receive their 2 hour discount.


Customer Service

“Please provide a box or bin to recycle the reserve paper slips and other paper. The bins only recycle bottles/plastic etc and so ‘general’ waste is only option.”

The yellow recycle bin includes paper recycling, even though it is not stated on the bin.


Computers and Equipment

“Trish suggested I give you the information to replace the keyboard gone missing from the ‘ability’ computer. Keys u see item YKB-LP-YUSB.”

The keyboard has been replaced.

“Every time I use the Frankston City Public Computer it has at least one thing or more wrong with it. DVD player or sound will not work. I have to switch from PC to PC sometimes at least 3 different PCs. Someone has run a PC game on one PC which stopped the PC running. Poor or no service is the general rule. It’s not just me, others are talking about the very poor PC service. Some find they can’t sign out. Don’t know how much time they have left and no sound.”

Thank you for your feedback, the public PCs were recently upgraded.  Please let us know if there are still issues.

“Why is the Internet so SLOW in this library? Other libraries work better and fast.”

Thank you for your feedback

“Photocopy machines are unreliable. They have been in use for approximately 10 years plus and need replacing.”

The photocopiers are due for replacement at the end of 2018.



“Could you please print Dewey names and no’s, so that people can pick them up at the desk and know where exactly to look for what they want?”

Thanks for your suggestion.  We are currently looking into putting subject signs along the relevant shelves of the non-fiction collection. 



“When you have live events set up next to the magazines – please setup the chairs away from the magazines so patrons can still access the magazines.” 

We are sorry for the inconvenience. We do have events regularly that use that space and they usually run for one hour. We advertise them widely. Please ask the staff as they might be able to help at these times.

“The Science Show was a bit of a flop. We did not get the live stream. Most people left with the goggles and no idea how to use them. Left disappointed.”

We were also disappointed in the Science event as the technology from the outside partners did not run to plan. We apologise for this and hope we can learn from the issues for future events like this.

“Awesome! Very engaging and fun. We are hooked after our first time. Storytime with Kerry.”

“Heard music in library, ‘Tidal Moon’, play a few songs. They were great. Enjoyed them.”

“Thank you for the wonderful music today from Outward Bound. Please continue to schedule sessions like this. A wonderful community use of our fabulous library.”


Melbourne Writers Festival

“So great to have an event for the Melbourne Writers Festival in Frankston again. Thank you.” 

“Catherine and Steve were really down-to-earth speakers for the Melbourne Writers Festival event.”

“The talk about mental health was really inspiring and made me feel ‘normal’.”

“I rushed out to buy the book ‘Mental’ after hearing the talk by authors Catherine Deveny and Dr Steve Ellen.”

“I enjoyed the talk about mental health and found it very warm, funny and helpful.”

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