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Library Feedback

Thank you for your feedback. Find out our responses to your queries.

September 2017

96% Customer Satisfaction Rating


Praise for what we do

“Awesome as always.”

“I was needing help printing pictures of Frankston in earlier years.  Served by Carol who was utterly fantastic, patient, friendly and knows the PC system well.  Awesome Carol.”

“Congratulations on the weekend security man.  An addition very appropriate to keep the weekend staff safe.”

“Thanks.  Great library.  Great staff.”


Computers & Equipment

“Please put instructions on website on how to find and renew items.”

How to find and renew items is on the library website under the Your Library section near the bottom of the page. 

“When borrowing books could the computer remind borrowers they have a book to be returned when they come to borrow other books?”

You can see what items are due when you go into the ‘Account’ area, I will speak to the system supplier to see of an easier link between the loans screen and the accounts screen can be made available.


Customer Service

“What happened to the wall clock?? Dude?  Put it back. NOW!”

Thank you for your question. The clock has moved just around the corner to the wall above the reservation shelves and self-serve kiosks. When entering the library, you can see it on your right hand side.

“It would be better if you had bar stools with backs for the short-time computers.  Then people would have somewhere to hang coats and bags.”

Thank you for your feedback. We will consider this for the future.

“Since the library has had a face lift it feels and looks like a morgue.”

Thank you for your feedback.

“Noisy library staff was very distracting.  Came to study!”

We will take your feedback on board and remind our staff to act professionally at all times.

“I would like to suggest to put signage that a patron should not lie down on the couch and not put their feet on the couch to maintain respect and cleanliness of furniture. Thank you.”

Thank you for your suggestion.

 “Great library, love the story time session with my daughter. However the membership card is easily torn. Do you provide plastic cards?”

We are so pleased that you enjoy our storytime sessions! Please ask one of our customer service team for assistance and they will replace your daughter’s card with a plastic one.

“Please supply kids toys” [Seaford]

Seaford library is a very small, local library. We do not have enough space to store toys.  We provide however new books for any age group. For toys, please contact Frankston Toy Library, 20 Ebdale St, Frankston, or Lyrebird Community Centre Toy Library, 203-205 Lyrebird Drive, Carrum Downs.  For prices and more details, please check Frankston Council website.

“Please give the elderly couple outside the Seaford Library an umbrella during winter.” [Seaford]

Though we do not provide umbrellas, everybody is welcome at the library. It is a warm place where everybody can spend some time reading or checking e-mails.  We have daily newspapers and recent magazines.


“The daily overdue charge is too high.”

“I believe the fines should be capped. I have 3 x children and they tend to borrow 8-10 books each school holidays. If we are a week late or so – it costs sooo much. Thank you for your consideration”

“Overdue fees are too high. Even when contacting branch to get fee stopped that couldn’t be done. Fee continued to grow – not happy.”

“The new system is too time consuming. I had to pay 90c to be able to borrow. We used to have a little bit of leeway letting us have a few dollars owed.”

Charges for late returns are applied to encourage people to return their loans on time so they avoid a fine and the items are then available for other library members.  All library charges are reviewed annually by Council as part of the Budget process and this includes benchmarking with other libraries within Victoria. The current daily overdue charge has been the same since July 2014.

To assist you with returning your items on time there are many options available for you to be reminded of the return date for your loans. If you haven’t done so already, please ask our friendly staff to help you set up email reminder notifications on your membership record. We have also produced a flyer to guide people on how to access their email via their smartphone. We are currently investigating other options for reminders and will promote any changes to our members.

Any of our members who are experiencing financial hardship can speak with our staff to enter into an Arrangement to Pay or request a waiver for your fines. More information on this is available on the library website in the frequently asked questions page.


Programs and Events


Family History

“Great to have Malcolm assist us in our family history group. Very helpful and pleasant, cheerful guy.”

“Malcolm was great to be with, he helped a lot and had a very good attitude to the group (re ancestry class.”

Artist Talk

“I really enjoyed the session and learnt a lot.”

“Thanks for Irene’s great talk on Hokusai.  Really appreciate and would like to see more.”

Where’s Wally event

“Big thank you for an excellent activity for kids. We had a lot of fun.”


“Great school holiday activity. Very suitable for child aged 6.”

“Great idea. Well organised but too easy for 9 year old. Maybe 5-8 years.”

“We really enjoyed the Where’s Wally activity today. Thank you.”

“My daughter had a great time in Where’s Wally Scavenger Hunt!”

“My 6 year old had such a great time.”

“I love it! And I will come back. Lots of fun.”

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