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Thank you for your feedback. Find out our responses to your queries.

October 2017

89% Customer Satisfaction Rating


Praise for what we do

“You’re so awesome and I love coming here.  I practically live here and love reading.”

“Very helpful and explained. So easy to understand – Axis 360 by Maksida.”

“Thank you. It’s a please to come here.”

“As always, very good.”

“Thank you Scott for helping me with finding the science and atlas books.  I found it interesting.”



“Friday’s motoring section in Herald Sun goes missing every Friday! Could you please keep an eye on it?”

Thank you for the feedback. We will monitor this in the future.

“A long time ago (36 month?) I saw an old picture of some fishermen on the beach at the base of Oliver’s Hill.  They had a mountain of fish they had caught.  This would make a good $1 postcard.  It was in a glass cabinet.”

Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider it.


Computers & Equipment

“We love your facilities however may I suggest to remove the light on the computer tables as they exacerbate sore eyes or facilitate sore eyes.”

Thank you for your feedback, we will review the lighting on the tables.

“Why isn’t there Apple Mac Computer access in the library?”

We do only have desktop computers at our libraries; however, anyone with an Apple laptop or device can use the library Wifi for free. Please talk to one of our friendly staff for details.

“Awesome library but computer browsers need updating. Facebook messenger is currently inaccessible. Otherwise great staff and location.”  

We are about to update all our Public computers and this will be resolved.


Customer Service

“Could you please return the recycling tub? Can’t get to the Council Chambers.”

We encourage recycling and are sorry that we cannot provide the hub at Frankston Library anymore. Unfortunately it was not being used appropriately by some people and this caused health and safety issues for library and council staff.

“It would be nice to have a table/bench to rest books on at return books site.”

There are trolleys just behind the Returns Shelf that can be used for this purpose. A permanent table next to the Returns Shelf would narrow the aisle too much for mothers with prams to walk through to the children’s area.

“It would be lovely if the library had a water fountain where you could fill up your drink bottle.  Otherwise the library is great.”

We provide water for customers during heat waves. At other times you can refill your water bottle from the tap in the Long Room kitchenette.

“If money is on card for printing, it should be transferable to pay fines.  Thank you.”

Thank you for your suggestion. The current system doesn’t have the capacity for that, but we will keep it in mind for the future.

“I would like to change my mobility scooter here, is that possible?”

You can charge your mobility scooter at the library. Please ask one of our friendly staff members for assistance.

“What really surprised and annoyed me was the noise!  Women nattering away oblivious to the fact they were in a library.  There was a baby crying for too long.  It’s a library people, I’m old school, I want quiet!”

The library is a public space for the enjoyment of the community. Our friendly staff can direct you to the quiet study area at the back of the library as well as a study room available to all library users.


Programs and Events

“Wondering if you were doing ‘Locked in the library’ this year.  Haven’t seen any advertisement.  Really think it’s great and would love to go again!  Thanks.”

“Was wondering if Locked in the Library was going to be on this Halloween?  We had the best time the last time it was on.”

Thank you and we are glad you enjoy the special Locked In The Library event for Halloween. We will consider it for the future when the celebration day falls on a convenient day; such as a Friday or Saturday.

“Wonderful Diwali celebration. Thank you for making us feel welcome. Hania made my parents feel so welcome. Thank you.”

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