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Thank you for your feedback. Find out our responses to your queries.

June 2017

56% Customer Satisfaction Rating


Praise for what we do

 “I would like to register my support for Frankston (and all) Libraries – an extremely important resource for ordinary people of the whole community.”

“Re: Jackie.  Very pleasant person to help me.  Thank you.”        

“Congratulations Frankston on you / our beautiful library and its surrounds, murals, furniture.” Maree  

“Great staff. Always there to help. 10/10” Zoran P.         

“I love the books.” Jordan L.      

“Love the new system.  Simple, quick, a joy to use.  Thank you.”              

“Once again the staff member went above and beyond to help me.  Well done!”


Computers & Equipment

“Is it possible to have the due date of eLoans included with those of ordinary loans?  The current system does not provide this information easily.  Opportunity for a system update?”

Unfortunately, this is not possible with our current Library Management System.  I will put your suggestion to the library system suppliers. Please note that all eLoans will automatically expire so no late fees are incurred for these items.


Customer Service

“Where is the community feedback?  Please put back in/up library.”

You can find the responses to the customer feedback on the library website as well as printed and displayed in each branch.

“Temperature too high for my comfort!” Pam   

The temperature is set at an average of 21 degrees, which is the recommended standard for office type buildings.

“Only one computer at the front door?!  The one who made the changes must be very dumb!! Goofy.  Used to be 3, now people waiting in queue thanks to the dumb!”

There are actually 3 staff desks where we can assist you. Cash payments are made at the desk closest to the entrance; all other transactions and enquiries can be made at any of the desks. We also have the 3 self-service kiosks and catalogues that you can use. Ask any staff member for help and we will be able to assist you at the nearest service point.

“Put back the wall clock! I don’t know what’s the time.”

“Where is the wall clock?! BAD change! Before when came to, I know if I am late for computer or not.”

“W(h)ere is the wall clock?! Can’t see it!”  

The clock has moved just around the corner to the wall above the reservation shelves and self serve kiosks. When entering the library, you can see it on your right hand side.

“Very dirty café at the door entrance.  Cash register money tray left at the door 9.55am Monday morning on view on the floor.  Very serious matter.  Could be crime matter.”      

Thank you for sharing your feedback. We will forward your comment to the café owner.

“The library has become noiser over the years.  It is now a Community Centre and there is no longer a place for reading in the peace and quiet of the past.”

“Sound batons for this children’s area to block the sound from travelling through the library.”   

Our Early Literacy programs are held at regular times so you can schedule your visit to avoid these sessions. Support for early literacy is a critical role for public libraries so that children are more likely to have a successful school career and improve their chances of economic and social wellbeing in the future.

“Expecting older person to have to get on the floor to pick up reservations is ridiculous.”

"More rubbish bins near borrowing stands and reservation book shelf is too low especially for the ‘W’s’. I have to get on my knees."

Staff are very happy to collect reservations or any other library items for our patrons who have mobility issues which restrict them reaching the lower or upper shelves.

"Please consider putting the little baskets back at the borrowing station to collect the rubber bands and pieces of paper.  Thanks!"

Thanks, we love it when people recycle the rubber bands! There is a black basket on top of the reservation shelves, near the borrowing stations for the rubber bands and reservation slips.

"May we please have a bench or table near the orange returns shelves to rest our heavy bags on."

You are welcome to use one of the trolleys located behind the returns shelf to rest your bags on while you return your library items. You can then use that same trolley in the library for any new items you might want to borrow.

“On your notice advertising opening time for 1/8/17 as 12pm.  This should read 12 noon.  There is no such thing as 12pm."

The library is following Frankston City Council’s style guide. 'Technically speaking' though, you are correct -- noon is not post meridian -- it IS meridian. However, since 12:00:01 is post meridian, the accepted convention is that 12 noon is written as "12 p.m." and 12 midnight is written as "12 a.m.".



“More copies of the Herald Sun newspaper would be appreciated.”

Thank you for your suggestion.  We are currently receiving two copies of the Herald Sun at Frankston.

“I am the author of the novel Distant Trumpets.  The library was going to buy a copy almost two years ago but it is not yet in the catalogue!”

Thanks for the suggestion. Would you please speak to a staff member and provide more details as we cannot find this title on our supplier’s database.

“Thank you for getting Case Closed Manga! It’s really good! Also, can you get Marvels Secret Empire and more DC Comics rebirth stuff? Thank you!”

Thank you for your suggestions.  Please see staff at the desk to request and reserve new items as we can then respond promptly to your request.

“I just borrowed a DVD that had 6 discs and all the disc numbers were covered by labels.  I didn’t know which disc was first.  This has happened before.”

We apologize for this inconvenience. We will instruct our labelers to avoid the disc number in future however if it does happen again, please bring it to our attention so we can correct it.  Thank you.


Fees and Charges

“The fees are too expensive.” Amelia C.          

“Astronomical overdue fees should be capped at $5 per item. Fine so high could stop families from being able to return to the library.” Jasmine A.

“The fees for overdue books is way too much.” Jhai F.  

“Been in fee’s for return very high and no chutes at Langwarrin Centre so can’t return unless Council store open. I work full time.” Deb C.    

“The fees are too expensive.” Heath F.

“I believe 30c per loan per overdue book etc is excessive and should be reduced or removed.” 

“Exuberant overdue fees when I’m not internet savvy not do I regularly go to email.  5-10c fees are what I’ve seen other places.”               

“Fines are way too high.  It discourages me from borrowing.”    

“Fees and charges are exuberant!”        

“Please reduce max fee to something more reasonable.”            

“Increased fees place unreasonable demands onto low socio-economic individuals and families who seek comfort and education at the Frankston Library.  Education and resources should be free.”   

“I believe 30 cents an item a day for fee charge is quite ridiculous you can see at other places it’s 10 cents.  Check your cap off as well.”       

“Fees for items (not returned on time) to(o) expensive. (Should be 10c not 30). Thanks. Zoran P.            

“Please reduce overdue fees. This is a free activity for children to borrow books.” Samantha P. 

“Fees for overdue books are to(o) high. Please reduce the fees.” Cleo  

“$2.40 fee and I can’t borrow. It’s unreasonable.” K. A.

“The late fees are really exorbitant for all families especially those living on a tight budget – especially in our case.  Staff however are amazing and helpful.”        

“I will not be borrowing DVDs again. Too expensive.” Simone A.               

Charges for late returns are applied to encourage people to return their loans on time so they avoid a fine and the items are then available for other library members. All library charges are reviewed annually by Council as part of the Budget process and this includes benchmarking with other libraries within Victoria. The current daily overdue charge has been the same since July 2014.

To assist you with returning your items on time there are many options available for you to be reminded of the return date for your loans. If you haven’t done so already, please ask our friendly staff to help you set up email reminder notifications on your membership record. We have also produced a flyer to guide people on how to access their email via their smartphone. We are currently investigating other options for reminders and will promote any changes to our members.

Any of our members who are experiencing financial hardship can speak with our staff to enter into an Arrangement to Pay or request a waiver for your fines. More information on this is available on the library website in the Frequently Asked Questions page.


Recycling Hub

“The library at Frankston had an excellent collection facility for used batteries/light bulbs etc.  Sorry to hear it’s now at Council office.”

“Re: Moving recycle hub from library to council chambers. Inconvenient. Go to library more often than council chambers.  Plenty of room at library – we should have more recycle hubs if anything, not less.  Otherwise, love the library.”              

“I was disappointed to learn that the resulting hub was no longer in the library. We need more hubs not fewer. I collect used batteries from work that otherwise go to landfill.” Nancy M.           

“Recycling hub pls bring back to library ASAP.” Dianne W.             

“Bring back the recycling hub to where it belongs!” E.P.                

“Please bring back the recycling stand for old batteries etc. to the library. It’s soooo much more convenient than Council offices.” Claire H.            

“Disappointed at the removal of the recycling hub.  Probably not going to go to the Council buildings to recycle.”

We encourage recycling and are sorry that we cannot provide the hub at Frankston Library anymore. Unfortunately it was not being used appropriately by some people and this caused health and safety issues for library and council staff.

The nearest Recycling Hub is at the Civic Centre in Davey Street, where you can drop off small amounts of the following:

  • CDs and DVDs
  • Household batteries (NOT car batteries) 
  • Light globes and tubes (all kinds) 
  • Mobile phones


Programs and Events

“Meryl and George were absolutely fabulous.  Beautiful voice, bass and ambiance.  Loved it.   Thank you.”          

“I love the activities they hold in the school holidays.”   

“Bernardo afternoon a delight. Want more!!” Aldrona M.            

“Please more of this delightful relaxing music.”

“I was disappointed that Frankston Library Service was not participating in the “1000 books before school” – I could imagine this would have more lasting benefits that “one off” initiatives (eg Mayors Reading Challenge).  The flyer was distributed in a ‘show bag’ by a visiting staff member to my daughter’s day care in Mt Eliza.  While I understand Mornington has this initiative and Frankston has other reading programs – this event in particular appears more longitudinal than the others.  Perhaps that Mayor could rethink the initiative – maybe adopt/lengthen it eg “1001 book reading challenge”.

Thank you for your comments. We love the Mayor’s Reading Challenge as it is specific to the Frankston community. As it is now in its 7th year, this is a unique, annual and long-term commitment to developing literacy skills for our youngest patrons. The month-long program is easily accessible and invites newcomers into a fun activity that encourages shared reading experiences for families. Prizes are also provided to keep families engaged for the month and to foster a love of books and reading. All reading programs for children are great when enjoyed in a positive way.

“We have been unable to participate in storytime this year due to insufficient space and safety issues associated with my 2.5 year old being significantly older than the other participants – most of which are babies.  I know many other parents who can no longer attend due to issues with space and lack of group for 2 year olds.  An additional group servicing the age 2-3 could be a consideration or using a larger space (eg the hall).  Storytime is excellent and we are so lucky to have Bev."

It is great that our storytime sessions are popular with families and we are aware of the issues that large groups can bring. We offer different sessions at our branches to cater to different age groups; Tiny Tots sessions are for birth to 2 year olds and PreSchool Storytimes are for children from 3 to 5 years of age.

There is a Storytime session at Seaford on Tuesday morning and we also offer them at our other locations. We will be reviewing our Early Literacy programs this year so will take your feedback on board.


Family History Club 

“You need 2 family history sessions. Today is congested and useless. Lift your game.” Heather  

Thank you for your suggestion. Due to the interest in Family History, we are currently exploring options on how this program is provided. This will include exploring how these programs are provided at other libraries and may include a number of the suggestions previously mentioned. We will keep in touch with the Club members on any changes.


Aboriginal Interactive Holiday Program

“Really really good.”      

“Educational and fun and educator was clear and friendly.  A good way to learn about aboriginal culture.  It was amazing!”               

“Loved virtual reality.  Interesting.”        


“Fantastic and great! Thanks a lot.  Hope this will be repeated.”


“I thought it was amazing!”        

“The Aboriginal incursion was interesting, helpful and descriptive.”

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