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Thank you for your feedback. Find out our responses to your queries.

May 2017

69% Customer Satisfaction Rating


Praise for what we do

“Well run – good selection – Helpful staff”

“Thank you staff for helping me find and borrow CDs.”

“It’s a great place.”

“I find them very good and are happy to help you at all time.”

“Very good books will come again.”

“Staff of library efficient and helpful. One of the few things that we truly get value for our rates. Frankston Library to me is worth it’s weight in gold. Excellent selection of books.”

“Recently moved to the area, have been to many libraries but none as vibrant as Frankston. The buzz is incredible, various groups enjoying themselves, well done.”

“Thanks for posting my card back to me after I left it behind. I also love your art books.”

“Again the service was again above and beyond, went the extra mile. Most helpful in locating a phone class for me. They deserve a decent pay increase.”

“Found the staff more than helpful providing a great service.”

“I was looking to borrow a Sydney Street Directory, but as this was not available, Candice came to the rescue and after consulting a computer was able to locate what I needed and printed same. She was most helpful and efficient.”

“Thank you for a great service, wonderful staff.”


Computers & Equipment

“Get some scanners that actually work.”

“Make the scanners faster.”

“Should be able to scan a document to an email address. The printers have the function so it should be utilised.”

The scanners should be working if there is issues please speak to one of the staff who can assist you. Although you cannot scan directly from the copiers to an email address, you can scan to a USB and then email from one of the PCs available for use.

“Prefer the old system not the new one.”

“Machines for returning and borrowing books hopelessly ineffective on occasions!”

“Hi, could we please have some more time on the machines to borrow? Cheers.”

Thank you for your feedback, the time is being adjusted on the machines to attempt to balance the time required to borrow and not leaving patrons details on the screen for too long if they have forgotten to log out. As these are new machines, we will be making adjustments for the next few weeks.

“I would suggest that the barcode be on all receipts so that it is easier to discern which books are which.”

Thank you for your feedback, we will add the barcode to the receipts shortly.

“New borrowing machines incredibly frustrating. Paid my fine (would only read card one way up!) and then had to log out and back in before borrowing.”

“Strongly disagree with only tap form of payment on self payment. Please put in swipe.”

Your feedback about logging out and back in has been forwarded to the system suppliers.  Payments can be made at the Cash desk or at the two welcome desks as well as the self-serve kiosks.

“Borrowing process with new machines is very confused. Instructions on how to borrow the books would be most helpful.”

The Library will produce some dot point instructions to have by the machines, in the meantime please ask a staff member for assistance with the new self-serve kiosks.


Changes Afoot

“Not impressed with ‘No loans if fees owing’.”

“I have finally paid my fine from 2007.”

“The zero fines policy is completely unfair. I wanted to pay ¼ of my $10 fines and borrow 2 books and I was not allowed. Do you actually even want people to use the library?”

“Having to pay for literary education? NOT FAIR! Ban fines!”

“It’s very disappointing that you are so dogmatic about fees. We have 4 disabled clients that don’t have much money and love coming here every week to get things to read and watch. It would be nice to show some leniency with these type of people so they can enjoy the experience without being bled with charges, which at times cannot be helped.”

“I am very upset at the new policy that we are not able to borrow books from Frankston Library when we have an overdue fee. I have come here today to borrow 7 books for my children for their learning and I can’t take them home with me because I owe $2.40. This is a joke. A waste of my time and my children miss out. I pay my taxes. Very unhappy!”

“Hello! As a long time Frankston Library zealot, I would ordinarily rate your fantastic service 10/10. HOWEVER I am astonished and deeply disappointed by your recent fee penalties (no borrowing if fines owing). This obviously doesn’t encourage a friendly atmosphere of a community enjoying reading. I know of several impecunious folk unable to borrow re tiny fines. What a shame!”

“Unhappy with the new rules! Have an outstanding bill of $17. Wanted to pay $10 and could not borrow. I will not use this library again.”

“It’s a shame that children will miss out on borrowing books if the family account has fines owing. In an area like Frankston, which has low levels of literacy amongst children, this new policy will affect children through no fault of their own.”

The recent changes to library policy regarding fees and fines are the result of a long consultative process under direction from Council management in order to comply with the Local Laws Act. To assist you with returning your items on time there are many ways available to remind customers of the overdue dates of items. Please ask the library staff to help you set up reminder notifications.


Customer Service

“Security guard required for weekends. Library really scary.”

“Library workers you need a security guard on weekends. Your rights at work are worth fighting for. More pay!”

If you have any concerns about your safety, please speak to one of our staff members who will call Security or the Police if necessary.

“The noise of the hand dryer in the Men’s toilets is deafening.”

“Please get rid of the hand dryer in the female toilets. It’s too noisy and doesn’t stay on!! A paper towel dispenser would be sufficient or a normal hand dryer.”

The new hand dryers are louder than the old ones and have been approved by the project manager when they were installed. They comply with Health and Safety Regulations.

“Accessible toilet soap dispenser too high for wheelchair access. No bin in all access toilet either.” Seaford

Thank you for your advice and we will try to fix this.

“The female toilets are filthy, often littered with toilet paper all over the floor. This would be due to the large round heavy toilet rolls being hard to pull for most people, resulting in lots of bits of toilet paper all over the floor, often getting stuck to people’s shoes! Also, the automatic hand dryer is too loud and often doesn’t staff on for more than 3 seconds, even while moving hands around in the right spot. Quite a few people I have spoken to have said the hand dryer is too loud!!”

“Your cleaners don’t clean well at all. Same chewing gum in urinal for more than a week. Tax paid job.”

“1st toilet on left – female toilet. Toilet blocked when I went to use it at 5.50pm but decided not to because of the filthy condition of it. Water constantly running into it. Both flush buttons not working. Previously only the half flush button worked. Waste of water!!”

We will forward your feedback to the Cleaners.

“When are you going to have a table at checkout machines – very difficult to reload your bag with others waiting and no room.”

“Why change when the old machines did the same thing? What a waste of public money. Why the Commbank?”

“What have you done to our library. It is so user-unfriendly. I have been coming for many years but I am now very unhappy with your new system. You only have two checkouts which are very confusing and slow and half the time don’t work. Also even if I have a fine of 10 cents I can’t borrow. Very disappointed and I believe you will lose people.”

“I am very saddened to hear that you will be expecting people to use automatic self serve. I do not support this and the day we are unable to have library staff help us (as I believe it takes away jobs from people as in the supermarkets I have witnessed) I will choose to no longer be a library patron. And people should have a choice and not made to feel pressured or stupid if they choose to not use self automation. Wouldn’t it be nice to be the leader in customer service and openly give choice either way. Kind regards, a library patron.”

Our patrons have the choice to use the kiosks for borrowing items themselves or ask a staff member to assist them. We are always happy to help at the borrowing stations or at the Returns shelf.  Patrons can borrow when they have no overdue items and no fees outstanding. This is a new policy that was introduced on the 1st of May 2017.

“Poor service” Carrum Downs

We are sorry that you received poor service. Please see the staff to provide more details that we can address.

“I do not feel that your after-hours book returns at Carrum Downs is safe due to the youths on bikes, skateboards, etc. It would be much better if it was located at the entrance to the library. You have exceptional staff at Carrum Downs Library.”

Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider the options available.

“The employees at the library need to be quiet when students are studying (very rude). This happens every week. I am always getting told off for being too loud. The employees are dancing and playing their music and yelling. This is very unprofessional.”

We will take your feedback on board and remind our staff to act professionally at all times.

“Less social engineering and public psychology through the strategic placement of leftist, dogmatic papers, victimized and wasted through pointless ego’s and misappropriated agendas, sponsored by many hard working, honest bur naïve denizens. Taxes and misplaced “Good Will” to their fellows (or women) – biggest “at risk” category of demography. (Less discrimination PLEASE)

Thank you for your comments.

“Very annoyed that I cannot find a car park in the FAC car park BUT there are about 80 spots but “reserved”.  It is obviously more about providing car parking for council rather than rate payers.”

“Feedback about access – not the library itself – What has happened to parking?? Now there is always a full sign. This means I cannot always visit the library as I have health problems and cannot walk too far – This is not right at all.”

“We all love the library 10/10 but PARKING is a massive problem. Not enough parks for a huge library are provided. Please rectify. Thank you.”

“No parking available.”

During events at the Arts Centre it can be difficult to find a car park. Some spaces in the Arts Centre car park have been assigned temporarily to Peninsula Health. We apologize for the inconvenience.

“The noise is unbearable.”

We apologise. Libraries are busy places with many different kinds of users. Please see the library staff who can try to help you find a quieter space.



“Can you please consider getting some of the ‘Air Crash Investigation’ series? Cranbourne Library has heaps but you have none and I’m a bit sick of going there! Thanks.”

We have ordered series 11 -15 that are the only titles available from our supplier. Keep an eye out for these to appear in our catalogue or speak to our friendly staff to reserve a copy for you.

“Buy more Batman comics.”

We will continue to purchase Batman comics. Please suggest any titles for consideration to add to the graphic novel collection.

“Vanity Fair would make many of your enlightened customers very happy.”

Thank you for your suggestion. We will add this title to our collection for the next financial year.


Programs and Events

“I would like a short story competition for children to be held with a small prize.”

Thank you for your suggestion that we will consider.

“We look forward to storytime, but unhappy when we have to leave straight away as it’s too busy and no floor space to sit baby down. Needs to be monitored somehow/bigger space. Too chaotic – no engagement with children, variation of age group too big. Last week was smaller and perfect.”

Yes our storytime sessions are popular and busy. We welcome everyone. Our spaces are limited and we do the best we can to accommodate everyone.

“Have really found the school holiday workshops a fun experience to enjoy with my kids. Appreciative of the efforts to make this happen for our kids – great way to meet new people too.” Seaford


Author Talk with Alice Pung

“Thank you for this opportunity to meet Alice. What a natural, disarming person, so enthusiastic and honest, with a real understanding of life. Our book club will continue to support these talks.”

“Great to have a young author from a migrant background – interesting stories. Her bubbly personality was a pleasure and made it a very enjoyable talk.”

“Had read Alice’s book so it was interesting to hear her talk about her early life and writing.”

“Interesting talk in a relaxing comfortable atmosphere.”

“Alice regaled us with many anecdotes that were funny, real and insightful. A pleasant way to spend an evening.”

“Real and so attractive. Was like sitting there holding an imaginary book and reading yourself. The hope and courage of Alice and her family.”


Author Talk with Jade O’Donahoo

“Great for the community to have local authors, gives more meaning to a community library. Well done Frankston.”

“Very Interesting.”

“Fantastic author talk with Jade O’Donahoo. Very interesting talk and great to be able to purchase books on the night from Robinson’s Bookshop.”

“Really interesting session.”

“Jade had an irresistible vulnerability that was charming and not unconfident. She held her audience well and was a good advocate for her book.”


Code Club for Grown-ups

“This was fantastic. Thank you for another wonderful library event. I can’t believe there weren’t more people learning with me.”

Thank you for tonight. An interesting insight into coding and a useful point in the right direction if I want to continue practicing on the web site.”

“Fabulous introduction. Well prepared, great resources, very knowledgeable.”

“Great intro and presented in a simple, straightforward way and would like to do another one. Thank you. Enjoyed it very much.”

“Enjoyed it. Not what I’m used to. Interesting!”


My Emma

“What a magnificent happening. What a magical time. I shall dream effortlessly tonight. A privilege to be here. Thank you Frankston Library. I could cry. Beautiful.”

“Excellent and instructive.”

“My Emma was wonderful – so glad we had the opportunity to see it! Thanks for bringing it to us.”

“Wow wow! What a performance by Lise Rodgers. Audience was transported into Jane Austen’s world. A superb actress!! Bring her back.


Introduction to sketching

Excellent library. But not yet as we need more people to get involved. Excellent art classes. Should be more classes especially in winter and all times.”

“A valuable introduction to drawing and watercolour from a talented and well organised tutor. Very informative and enjoyable.”

“I enjoyed being in Irene’s art class. She has managed to bring the fun into art using different techniques. Everyone has their own particular style and Irene manages to accommodate everyone and at the end of the class we all come out with an incredible art work. I would recommend her class to everyone that has an interest in art.”


Family History Club

“Find my Past please is an English Ancestry site. Why do we not have dedicated person to assist us. We need a person. Your service is letting us down. Laptop is running hot.”

“Could you please give us Find my Past as it gives us a lot more information if you’re looking into English information. It would be great if we could please have a person who is dedicated to stay and help us at Family History. Thank you.”

“Please can you supply Find my Past and a dedicated staff member to assist.”

“It would be great to have access to Find my Past as well as Thank you.”

“As I am very new to this business of tracing your family history, I think the library is doing a good job.”

“Who do we ask if we have IT/technical problems?”

Thank you for your suggestion about the Family History site Find my past. We will certainly investigate this for the new financial year. Family History Club is a place for members to share advice and tips with each other in a social environment. Library staff are available on call to help with the navigation of the Ancestry database and general troubleshooting.

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