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Thank you for your feedback. Find out our responses to your queries.

March 2018

76% Customer Satisfaction Rating


Praise for what we do

“I love all the types of audiobooks.  MP3’s are my favourite.  Thanks.”   

“Great library, fantastic staff.”  

“Find My Past has been great.  I have been able to find heaps.”

“After two years of asking I now have access to Find My Past.  It has given me what I have been looking for.”    

“Yet another day when I have received excellent service from the library (Carrum Downs). Recommend a monetary reward all around. (or at least chocky)”

“Fantastic customer service! (Carrum Downs) Had some problems loading money on my library card. Librarian very helpful and patient.”    

“Great. Thank you once again. Quiet, clean, helpful, great computer assistance, fabulous collection. I love visiting the library.”


Customer Service

“Clean the men’s urinal.”

The public toilets are being cleaned twice a day. Please let our staff know if they need attention.

“The teen area is way too cold.  Please fix the air-con.  Thanks.”

We have very little control over the air-conditioning, but will forward your comment to our Facilities Department.

“Awesome staff and great library with a fantastic selection.  Would be good to have the option of online feedback plus more human staff please, as they are better than AI.”

Thank you for your suggestion.  If you would like to provide feedback online please email us at libraryenquiries@frankston.vic.gov.au

“I had a swollen knee last week and couldn’t bring the books back on time.  When I rang up on Monday and Tuesday no one answered the phone and I was on hold for 30 minutes.  Then when I bring the books back there’s a $9.60 fine and I’m on a pension.”

Please see one of our staff members for assistance with your account.

“More bike parking please!”

Thank you for your suggestion. There is a limited number of spaces for bicycles at the entry to the Arts Centre car park.

“A great library. Thanks! But regarding noise, most times it was by a certain staff member speaking unnecessarily loudly all the time. And sometimes staff socialise loudly.”

We will remind staff to keep their voices down at an acceptable level.

“Every one very nice and helpful. Please do not replace them with machines.”

Thank you for your nice words. It feels good to be appreciated. New technology enables us to be available to assist you more. We love our jobs, especially the interaction with our customers.

“Please could we have a spray hand sanitizer station in the entranceway of the libraries? Cuts down on bugs and people do not always wash their hands. Thank you.”

Unfortunately, it is beyond our budget to provide hand sanitizer for the public. There are purse sized ones available at the Chemist.

“Too noisy! Children’s playtime occurred at Carrum Downs Library at 2pm and continued to be noisy. Why can’t they have this at the Lyrebird Centre?”

Children sessions (Tiny Tots story time) are part of our regular library program and it is very important for children's development to introduce them to the regular reading sessions. The Library, not a Community Centre, runs the program.

“Crying babies made concentration very difficult. I thought libraries are supposed to be quiet places!” (Carrum Downs)

Public Libraries now days are not completely quiet places. People use our space for meetings, and we run quite a few programs that are addressed to different age groups. Tiny Tots reading programs are very popular and are an integral part of literacy and numeracy program, vital for children's intellectual development.

“Please just a little bit of quiet. There are other rooms. I cannot understand a policy of non-indifference. Please review this policy.” (Carrum Downs)              

Different groups share Public Libraries and we try to cater for all groups’ needs. We run many children sessions, which may become a little bit noisy at certain times. Please check with staff members regarding quiet times at the library.

“I have paid about $60 in late fees in the last 6 months, in part due to the return chute locked after hours. PLEASE figure out a way to keep it open.”

After hours return chutes are locked only on public holidays, when there are not staff members available to empty them. All patrons are informed about it at the time of joining the library. Furthermore, before any public holidays we display posters reminding patrons about library and return chutes being locked. You can also find this information on the library website.


Computers and Equipment

“The login details on the website are too small for a PC.  OK for an iPad.  People with vision impairments or older folk cannot read the print, which is tiny.”

Thank you for your feedback, I will add this to the list of improvements for the next upgrade of the site.

“The Self Check times out too quickly.”

Thank you for your feedback, the time has been extended by another 10 seconds.

“Could not log into FL Wi-Fi. Used library desk top.”

Apologies for the inconvenience, the Wi-Fi was unavailable for half a day last month.

“Why don’t the self-loan machines let you know if you have borrowed a book before?”

“Check loan history on self-checkout machines.”             

Unfortunately, the self-loans system can’t be set-up to advise of previous loans.  A request has been sent to the system supplier.

 “Cords under computers are dangerous. Your feet can get tangled.” (Carrum Downs)

Thank you for your feedback, we are organizing to have the cords tidied. 



“The library should change its supplier to one that can obtain items requested!”

Our suppliers can only access stock available from publishers and do their best to source all our requested items.  Often overseas titles have limited availability and print runs that make it difficult for us to obtain.

“I found a lot of books I like but when I went to get the 2nd book in the series it wasn’t there. So I think you should get full series. The series was ‘The seven signs’.”

Next time you are in speak to one of our friendly librarians so we can try purchase the missing titles in this series.

“With increasing public awareness of marine debris and harm to marine life, humans and the environment, please do stock a lot more resources including local data/info.”

Thanks for the suggestion.  For local information, the Port Phillip Bay Taxonomy Toolkit (available online) might be a good place to start.  Our friendly librarians will be able to help you source more data/information.  We will investigate if there are any relevant publications available to add to the collection.

“Thanks for getting a DVD in for me, but again you have covered over the disc number with your labels.”

Thanks for letting us know, we will try not to do this in the future.


“The Family History afternoon went too quickly!”            

“Had a very good afternoon researching family history and getting/giving ideas and tips on how to find out more.  Very valuable group.”              

“A genealogy group started at Carrum Downs.”

Thank you for your suggestion. We hope to be able to offer this program at Carrum Downs Library in the future.

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