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November 2018

89% Customer Satisfaction Rating


Praise for what we do

Amazing facilities and service provided was absolutely outstanding. I look forward to many years of using the facilities.          

Just finished reading all three of the Charlie Berlin novels. Thoroughly enjoyed them all. Great reading for fans of Melbourne history’s recent past.          

Storytime - Kerry knows her stuff, and is great with the kids and adults alike.           

Excellent customer service. (Carrum Downs Library)          

Good to see how tidy and inviting at the outside entrance of the lovely Carrum Downs Library. Keep it up please.           

My son had ‘prep’ transition program at Banyan Fields yesterday and has now spotted the book that was read at our visit to the library. He said the reading at school by the Frankston Library staff was great!   

Customer Service

Cannot understand: of being a library member for over 20 years having to now pay for parking. No parks available. Had to pay $2.00 despite getting a park.  

So sick of the ridiculous parking. 2yo and 4yo constantly missing out on storytime. Very upsetting.

We still provide free parking for library customers for up to 2 hours a day. Now you can park in any spot within the Arts Centre Car park. Please ask at the desk for your 2 hour free parking voucher.

Printing costs are too high!!!

Our fees and charges are set annually by Council. Please ask one of our friendly library staff who can suggest alternative printing places in Frankston.

Please have amnesty on people’s cards once a year, otherwise my children don’t want to come to the library.

A public library is a place where resources are shared for the enjoyment of the community. To make this fair and equitable for all, there have to be limits on the time, items can be borrowed – and consequences when they are not returned by the due date. Returning or renewing loans by the due date will avoid any overdue fines.


Computers and Equipment

Machine says borrowing not available and then loads account. Needs to say you need to repay fines before you can borrow. Then I could do it myself.

Thank you for the feedback, there may be other reasons than paying fines that prevents borrowing making a generic message is necessary.  To try and make thing clearer the message will be changed  to ‘Please check your account’.

The Carrum Downs Library desperately need more public computers, especially as more people are now using them and demand increases. More 2 hour computers please.

The computers at Carrum Downs generally do not get a lot of use except at a few peak times. Are you able to come on a different day or at a different time?



I was visiting the library for the piano. Unfortunately couldn’t find it. Wondering if it can be back again? Thanks.

We apologise. The piano needs tuning. We hope to have is back soon.

The Scratch Coding Club has been amazing this year. It is a shame my son will have finished all the modules this year. It would be good if a Python Club could be established to follow on. Maria and Mary have been fantastic.

We are glad you and your son have enjoyed the Code Club sessions. We follow the tutorials provided by Code Club Australia. Please check their website for more information.

Disappointed Heather Morris didn’t come. Can you reschedule?

Heather had to go to the UK in relation to the popularity of her book. We hope we will be able to get her here in 2019.

Thank you for offering the author talk with Dr Mrin Nayagam. Please continue with a monthly talk on all possible topics.

We are glad you enjoy the author talks and our aim is for an author talk each month.

Great music by Melissa, Mara and Basil!!! Lovely idea to have music on Sundays.         

Loved the band today “BAMM”. They were excellent. I could see the audience were all enjoying the music.   

Loved BAMM today. Really lovely music for a Sunday.    

Sketching tutorial: Good instruction. Great class.   

Love the sketching workshop. Could be longer!      

I enjoy doing the sketching class with Irene. She is very innovative and interesting in her approach and brings out the best in every person who attends her class.    

I had a lovely time listening to Eleni’s writing experience and would love to have more YA authors at Frankston Library.

A delightful young author with refreshing honesty and an ability to communicate. I wish her every success.      

Very interesting learning about the process of writing and love the story line.      

Loved listening to author Eleni Hale. Her story was eye-opening and I look forward to reading the book.       

Interesting. Good. Educational.        

Great! Eleni was personable, lovely and generous with her time and advice.        

Really enjoyed hearing from Eleni and I think her book could help many young people today in care.

Informative and inspiring presenter.

Great audience. Great support. Thank you. I felt it was 10/10.        

Fascinating, really interesting, and a great lady, head of a true charity.     

Silver Linings book talk was very inspirational.


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