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Thank you for your feedback. Find out our responses to your queries.

March 2017

73.6% Customer Satisfaction Rating


Praise for what we do

“Fantastic customer service! Friendly, professional and efficient. A pleasure to have a working relationship with and encouraging to revisit and help my children learn a love for literature. Thank you.”          

“Caitlyn was just delightful. Staff are ALWAYS LOVELY to deal with. Thank you so much.”

“Thank you.”     

“You guys (librarians) work so hard to engage with we library users! There’s always something new to see/do/experience and it couldn’t be more different from the silent almost morgue-like libraries when I was a kid.”              

“Tried to pay but money refused due to industrial action. The outrageous salary that the CEO received should be reviewed with staff salaries.”        

“Once again I found your Help Desk staff extremely cooperative. Max satisfaction obtained.”    

“Love the building, the décor, the murals, the furniture! Thank you.”     

“Give the staff a pay rise.”          

“We have been attending the Thursday morning storytime with my son and daughter. Kerry is absolutely fantastic and we look forward to it every week.”

“All Council staff are brilliant and deserve at least CPI. Please be fair.”  


Customer Service

 “Please advise one staff member not to be so LOUD all the time, for the past few years. Thank you!”

“Love the library! Please when you are talking to me about fines talk quietly – I don’t want to be embarrassed having everyone hear my business. The lady today was very loud.”

Staff members have been reminded to keep their voices lower, however, there are instances where some patrons are hearing impaired and require a louder voice so they can hear the conversation.

“I came in at 9:10am to get coffee; unfortunately it was not open.”         

“[Friday] 17/3/17 9:45am Café not open. What are your hours? * Display somewhere.”

Thank you for sharing this feedback. We will pass it on to the café owners.

“The hand dryers in the loo are way too loud. Deafening.”          

We’re sorry to hear this. The noise level was a consideration when the toilets were recently renovated and the new hand dryers are actually one of the quietest on the market that will enable hands to be dried in a reasonable time.

“Please fix the receipts on the self-service checkout. This uses up librarians time to check out and it annoys borrowers.”               

“I really like this servis. The reson I gave you 9 was because the borrowing thingimebob wasn’t working propley.  “      

“Very good helpful staff. I am against the idea of more self-service as you can’t have a chat to a machine.”         

“New checkout okay however only 6 books can be stacked whereas the older system could accept more. Also insufficient room around unit for stacking and sorting. Particularly if there is a queue.”

“No good. Not enough points for books to be borrowed. No staff out to serve.” [Carrum Downs]

Our self-serve kiosks and the Returns Shelf are brand new and we are still making some adjustments to them. There are some teething problems that we hope to have fixed quickly.   We have allocated staff to assist patrons with the new equipment and we are always happy to chat with you.

“Came to the library to read and had to leave because the music outside the library was far too loud.”  

Performances in the library forecourt for the enjoyment and entertainment of the public are advertised well in advance. Please see one of our staff members who can direct you to our quiet area and study room at the back of the library.

“What has recently become extremely disappointing is the parking issues. It is very frustrating to see the majority of the carpark reserved for Peninsula Health when the permit holders don’t seem to be utilizing it as most of the spots are empty! Now we are struggling to find a carpark as the one across the road is always full now. It is heartbreaking when my son asks if we are going to storytime and I have to tell him “only if we can find a carpark. A 2 hour permit for storytime parents would be greatly appreciated.”

“I have observed concert goers returning to their cars parked in free library parking area. Hard to prevent, but am not happy at having to pay for parking while others enjoy their free parking.”

There are 18 free 2 hour car spaces available for library patrons on level 2 of the Frankston Arts Precinct car park. Unfortunately if these are full there are only paid spaces available which may also be full. During events at the Arts Centre the car park can be in high demand so if no spaces are available, there are other car parks in Young Street.  Council now monitors parking in the City centre and we will raise the issue of non-library patrons using the library spaces with the parking officers.

“Please. Return to the old website.  This new layout is so very confusing, difficult to follow, difficult to find resources eg ebooks, and difficult to read.”   

We’re sorry that you find the new layout confusing. The last website sat on an old software system that was out of date and no longer being upgraded or serviced, and was difficult for our library staff to update with any timeliness or regularity. Our new website is designed to be accessed from a variety of mobile phones and tablets. Our staff are very happy to demonstrate how to navigate the site so you can get to the ebooks quickly.

“Cold water on tap.  Nothing for older people to drink.” [Carrum Downs]

There is a new café in the Lyrebird Centre, close to the entrance of the library. You could ask there for a glass of water.

“Love the library. Some dog water is a good idea outside, especially on hot days; just a few plastic dishes. Also can Council provide some human drinking water taps? Then, people could drink and also replenish the dg water, taking a load off staff.”  

Tap water is available in the kitchenette in the Long Room, provided the room is not booked, and water is available from the cafe.   The Library sits within Council’s Dog Ban Area so dogs are actually not permitted to visit this area. See the Dog Ban Area map on the Animals page of Council’s website for more information.

“Noise is not acceptable for a library. It should be a quiet place for study not a childcare centre.”              

“This is the third time that I have had to leave the library due to screaming and yelling unsupervised children. The library should be for everyone and be peaceful not stress filled. You SHOULD be doing something about this problem.”

Our library policy requires that children 12 years and younger are to be supervised by their parents or designated adult while they are in the library. Please talk to one of our staff if this happens again so it can be addressed. A certain level of noise is to be expected when young children gather, for example at story times and school holiday programs however these are advertised and you could visit outside these times.

“Can you bar mobile phone use in the library, and especially at computers?”      

“Security guard needed.”            

 “4pm. Looks like there are some families disrespecting the kid’s area. I have never seen such a mess!”

The Library Customer Code of Conduct asks our patrons to:

- Respect staff and other customers, e.g. supervise young children, setting mobiles to silent, taking phone calls outside, ensuring no disturbance to others.

-Understand that the library is a shared public place, e.g. cleaning up after themselves, maintaining personal hygiene, dispose of rubbish in the bins provided etc.

Please see one of our staff members for assistance if you find that another patron does not adhere to the Customer Code of Conduct.

 “The toilets (both cubicles) in the male toilet had feces splattered around the sear and some on the walls. It would really improve the library service if the staff were able to tell me they could call a cleaner to come and fix the situation but instead I was told they have to wait until the regular cleaner come in at the end of the day. In the meantime the toilets are not useable.”    

We are sorry that the toilets were left in this condition. The Duty Manager will review the situation and decide if a special call to the cleaners is required. This will include whether other toilets are available for use and how soon they are due for the regular clean (middle of the day during the week and again at night). 

“The library needs an interior designer to fix the awful colour scheme. A present not the sort of space that would welcome those who like to spend time in libraries.”           

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. There will be renovations in June that will improve access to the space and remove the existing staff and public PC desks. They will be replaced with smaller, more responsive staff desks and improved public PC desks.

“More parking please. (Seaford). It’s very hard to get parking just to return a book.”      

There are now two 15 minute spaces along Broughton Street for those who are making a quick visit. They are located in the parallel parking closest to Station Street.

“Better signage outside to tell people where the library is.” (Seaford)    

The signage was updated with the blue metal one on the corner of the building but we will monitor feedback to see if it continues to be an issue.



“Have more of the latest books in series.”          

We do try to purchase the most recent title of popular series. If we are missing the latest book in a series please speak to our friendly Librarians to request the title.

“Please consider featuring occasionally or permanently an Aboriginal section. It’s our heritage. This means displays of art, music, images, texts, languages, and contemporary issues and solutions. Many thanks!”           

Thank you for your interesting suggestion. We have planned a display of items in our collection during NAIDOC week in July. We also have over 100 titles featuring Aboriginal heritage and if you have any recommended titles please speak to a Librarian. They are included in the relevant section of Dewey depending on whether the book is a biography, about rock art or social customs.

“DVD’s borrowed at Seaford set off alarms at Frankston.”           

Thanks for letting us know about this. It has now be rectified with the installation of our new RFID system.



“Used my 64 USB data storage to scan document and it wouldn’t work because it was after 5pm. Had to buy a USB…Boo…”               

Not all USBs work on our current equipment. We are upgrading the public PCs early in June and they should be able to read the newer USBs.

“Wish there was some sort of icon to alert the reader to books they’ve already borrowed. Wish there was some way to automatically go onto a list to borrow the next book in a series when it comes out. Thx”

A reader alert for items that have been previously read   is something we have requested from the system supplier; unfortunately, they have been unable to do this to date.  You can set up a Reader Alert and have an email sent when the next book by an author or in a series comes in however it won’t automatically reserve the item for you. Please see one of the staff at the desk to help you set it up or login to your account and click the New Alert Profile Tag to DIY.

“Is it possible for all computers and printers to be switched on before the library opens so precious time is not wasted waiting for warm-up?”

All public computers and printers should automatically turn on before we open. Staff will check and report which ones are not booting up so we can fix this issue.

“I reported this matter previously 3 times. Computer D does not delete downloads after log-off. It also doesn’t allow manual deleting from the organize icon. Please fix. There is a collection of downloads on this computer dating back months. T.Y.”

Thank you for bringing this to our notice.  We have new computers due for delivery in early June; they will be set-up not to store documents.   In the meantime, we will delete the stored documents on a regular basis.

“Overdue email reminders should be able to be sent immediately an item is overdue! The email doesn’t cost anything to be notified a whole week afterwards with fees mounting up! If I had an email sent the next day I would have returned immediately!”  

All loans come with a receipt, which can be emailed rather than printed, which gives the date the item is due back. There is also an option to elect to have an email sent 3 days before an item is due, to set this up log into your account via the library web page and click on the Personal details tab – at the bottom of the page select to have a notification sent 3 days before.  If you need assistance in setting up the notification, please ask the staff at one of the library branches.

“Can there be a 30 minute computer at Seaford like at Frankston?”        

Thank you for your feedback. We will review the booking statistics to see how the computers are currently being used and then consider the suggestion.  


Poetry Workshop  

 “Fantastic! Learned a lot as usual. I love the workshop. Yay!!!” 

“She [Andrea] did good.  Give her another go. Really really pleased.”     

“Enjoyed myself.”          

Sketching Workshop     

“It’s great to attend a community classes in an area that I’ve always wanted to pursue and to bounce off others with similar interests.”          

“I really enjoyed the one – to-one attention that is possible in a small group”     

“Its amazing that all the materials are provided at this price”       

“The teacher’s feedback is very helpful and she is very patient!!!”          

“There are many approaches to sketching and it is possible to pursue one’s own with Irene’s guidance.”              

“We are looking forward to using colour as well as drawing portraits in the future.”         

“I can see my drawing improving in a short time – I’m looking forward to more classes and learning more techniques and working with different mediums and colours.”  

“I can’t believe the library is providing all this guidance and materials at such a low price.”            


Book Well Program

“I really enjoy the Book Well workshops and hope this can keep going throughout the year and beyond. Love Frankston Library has this well hosted activity.”      

 “I am involved in a Book Group, which I love – I’ve read more widely in the past year than ever before, and have some terrific girls in my group. And now Book Well. Please make Book Well a permanent program. Thank you and thank you!!”               

“Would love further Book Well sessions. Very enjoyable. Great group and we learn a lot.”          

“It’s a positive environment for people to learn and interact with other people through reading/sharing short stories and poems. Tracey, the librarian, is doing fantastic job! Thank you Frankston Library.”            

“I enjoyed the narrative stories by Tracey. Good reading that makes you feel into the story. Thanks.”

“Would love to have more sessions in Book Well. Very enjoyable.”         

“I really can see the positive effects this Book Well group gives to me. I am keen to read more and share readings to my family and friends. Please do keep running the Book Well. Thank you.” 

“Really enjoyed Book Well today. Edgar Allan Poe a most entertaining writer and a great poem. Not enough literature appreciation programs these days where the participants can just sit and be read to.”   

“Another great Book Well session. Terrific variety of literature and people. Good to have some stimulating discussion and thoughtful, thought-provoking responses.”       

“Thank you Tracey for a fantastic Book Well program. Enjoyed every minute of it and can’t wait for it to become a full-time programme! You are all worth a lot more than 1.4%.”   


Programs and Events  

“Mr Fixt-It book launch was a wonderful afternoon to meet the author first hand. Great idea for kiddies activities, surprise tea, coffee and cupcakes. Definitely will come to more and also gives the children chance to look through the children’s books and DVDs. Plus I borrowed some too.  Thank you.”

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