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Using Library Press Display

Library Press Display allows online access to Australian and International Newspapers.

Library PressDisplay by PressReader

Newspapers and magazines updated daily and archived for 3 months.

Press Display contains over 3,000 online newspapers and magazines from around the world in full colour, full page format and available in the library or from home.

From a PC or iPhone, iPad, or Android:

Press Display can be accessed here and also from the library eLibrary page, ensuring that you are signed in using your Frankston City Libraries membership.

Searching for a title:

  • The landing page shows a range of content for newspapers around the world.
  • Search for articles, newspapers and magazines by keyword using the search bar at the top of the page.
  • Search for newspapers and magazines by Country, Language or Alphabetically.

Simply select the title you wish to read and it will open for you to the most recent edition's front page.

Reading your title

  • Upon opening your title you will see a toolbar at the bottom of the screen, you can use this to navigate, zoom, print or email section of the publication
  • Clicking on the headline of any article will load the entire article in an easy-to-read window.
  • The section on the right of the screen shows you thumbnail images of each page and can aid in navigation the publication
  • A toolbar at the top of the screen can help you find previous publications by date and search the index of that publication
  • Click on the home icon at the top left of the page to return to the landing page

Using the PressReader App on an iPhone, iPad or Android Device

  • Download the PressReader app and open. PressReader may give you an overview of the app features the first time you open it
  • Choose 'Select title' and then search by Country, Language to find a publication to read.
  • Select your title and the section and then 'Download'. Note: PressReader app may show titles that are unavailable with the library subscription such as 'The Age', you will be able to see the cover but will not be able to download the title.
  • You can then view your title by thumbnail or list view, and you will see a green bar that indicates your download's progress. Once it has finished downloading, the copy of the title is yours until you choose to delete it from your device.
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