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Thank you for your Feedback


Love Letters to Libraries’ was the theme for this year’s National Library Lovers Day and these were received in bulk when Frankston City Libraries invited people to give feedback through a customer satisfaction survey.


When asked “What do you value most about the library?” the overwhelming responses were the “friendly and helpful staff”, and the “range and variety of books available”. The love for libraries was expressed in almost every response. “Libraries Rule! They are one of my happy places.” And these messages are consistent with the last survey conducted in 2016.


Most people come to the library to borrow items. Over 80% of respondents visit the library to borrow books. Another 56% borrow movies, music and audiobooks. 39% visit to use the computers or Wi-Fi. 40% come to the library to look something up and get help from the library staff. 15% use the library as a study or work space or just “to get out of the house”. 13% come to attend a program or event.


This survey proffered a noticeable increase in the requests for quiet space in order to study, read, think, and contemplate. Libraries are not the quiet sanctuaries of the past and noise is an issue for many customers who visit the library branches. This increase in the desire for personal study or work space is common across the public library sector in Victoria, and this is due to the increase in the number of people choosing to study online and the growing numbers of entrepreneurs.


There was an increase of 62% in the number of people answering the survey compared to the last survey in 2016. An overall customer satisfaction rating of 95.4% was achieved which compares favourably to the result of 92.3% in 2016.


These responses are important in assisting Council and library staff plan for the future to ensure the community continues to be well served by its public library. To show appreciation a prize was offered for the contributors who entered the competition. One lucky library customer was drawn at random and was presented with a gift voucher for a local book seller.

Last Updated:
Friday 9 March 2018
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