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1000 Books Before School

Sharing stories with babies and young children helps develop literacy skills that will prepare them for reading at school.

Start counting books from the date of registration (no back-counting!). Every time you complete a book with your child, mark or colour a circle on your reading record. After every 100 books, visit us at the library to receive a special sticker for your reading record.

Rewards will be given at the following milestones: 100 books, 250 books, 500 books, 750 books and 1000 books. Rewards will only be awarded once for each milestone.

 Every book that your child completes, or actively listens to, counts – this includes stories read at Storytime sessions, day care, playgroup and kindergarten, as well as reading the same book over again.

You can read books from anywhere – not just library books. If you need some help finding books to read with your child, come and talk to our friendly librarians, we are happy to help!

The program finishes once your child reaches 1000 books, or reaches the end of their first term of prep (first year of school), whichever comes first.


Reading Records

1-100 books record sheet
101 - 250 books record sheet
251 - 500 books record sheet
501 - 750 books record sheet
750 - 1000 books record sheet

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