Lili Wilkinson at Frankston Library

Published on 12 May 2021


Award winning author, Lili Wilkinson is coming to Frankston Library in June for two unique events. First up, it's one for our 6 to 10 year old readers with the Kids FrankTALK about new release Flummox: how to make a pet monster 2. In her second session, Lili will be discussing her new young adult novel The Erasure Initiative, with readers aged 14 to 18. Lili will be signing books for the audience at both events and her books will be available for purchase on the day.


Kids FrankTALK and book signing

Flummox: How to Make a Pet Monster 2
Saturday 5 June at 1pm
Frankston Library

Have you ever wanted a pet monster?
If you are like me, the answer is NO, because you think monsters don't exist.
If you are like Willow, the answer is YES DEFINITELY.

Willow and I found an ancient spell book called the BIGGE BOKE of fetching monsters, which shows you how to make REAL MONSTERS. We made HODGEPODGE, who's a bit furry and a bit stinky. He's my best friend.

Willow wants to make a best friend, but I'm worried. Now that I know monsters are REAL, what if this new one is REALLY dangerous?



In-conversation with YA novelist Lili Wilkinson

The Erasure Initiative
Saturday 5 June at 2pm
Frankston Library

A girl wakes up on a self-driving bus. She has no memory of how she got there or who she is. Her nametag reads CECILY. The six other people on the bus are just like her: no memories, only nametags. There's a screen on each seatback that gives them instructions. A series of tests begin, with simulations projected onto the front window of the bus. The passengers must each choose an outcome; majority wins. But as the testing progresses, deadly secrets are revealed, and the stakes get higher and higher. Soon Cecily is no longer just fighting for her freedom - she's fighting for her life.


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