Speech Pathologists at the Library

Published on 24 October 2022

Speech therapists at Franksotn City Libraries.png

Speech pathologists work with children and families to help to build the foundations on which literacy skills develop, and help support a healthy transition into literacy. 

During November, in collaboration with Speech Pathology Australia, Frankston City Libraries will be hosting four relaxed events to give you the opportunity to chat to your local Speech pathologist. 

These events are designed to suit children aged 0-5 and parents are invited to bring their children along. Choose from an evening information session or join us for Storytime with a Speechie, which will run to our scheduled Storytime program. We look forward to seeing you! 

Find out more here:

Speechie information session at Carrum Downs Library
Speechie information session at Frankston Library
Storytime with a Speechie at Carrum Downs Library
Storytime with a Speechie at Frankston Library